About Harry

“Thanks for taking the time to look through my site. Here follows a little about me and my approach to photography.”

Harry Started Early

“I first became interested in taking photos when I was 11 years old. Within a year I had my hands on a Zenith 122, a tank of a camera! A starter kit cost less that entry level second hand gear because Russia was trying to grow trade with the UK after the fall of the Soviet Union. With this, I developed a disciplined approach to exposing film manually. I later unearthed an antique enlarger inside a broom cupboard at school. I persuaded the headmaster to rewire the plug and set us up with some chemicals and paper! By 17 I had upgraded to a Nikon 35mm outfit and a lovely neighbour lent me their Pentax medium format camera. I was invited to photograph the wedding of my Art teacher’s daughter and took the plunge. From there my Art History teacher invited me to photograph his wedding in Geneva! Thankfully it turned out rather well and I’ve photographed around 400 weddings and civil partnerships in the UK and Europe.”

Film Making

“At 18, I studied film production at the Bournemouth Screen Academy and graduated with a BA(Hons) in Film Production. Film is my other passion and since graduating, I’ve continued to direct professional promos and award-winning shorts for festivals. My short films have screened at the National Film Theatre in London, The Arclight Theatre in Los Angeles and in many international festivals around the world. You can check out my Vimeo page (about Harry Richards films).

While studying, I taught photography part-time at Bryanston School and made use of the excellent photographic facilities at Bournemouth University. My photography and film work go hand in hand as visual art forms for telling and documenting narratives. I have an aversion to visual artificiality and believe I bring a similar standard of realism to my film and photography work.”

Film to Digital Photography

“I was rather a late adopter of digital photography. I wasn’t interested in the latest technology for the sake of something shiny and new but felt by 2005 the resolution and sensitivity in low light was a sufficient improvement on the available film stocks. On average I’ve upgraded my main outfit every 3 years. As of 2018, I made sold all of my Nikon gear and made a huge switchover to Sony Mirrorless with the some beautiful Carl Zeiss and Sony Master lenses. There’ve been no downsides, only upsides. Silent shutter, lighter build, discrete size, with much faster and more accurate focusing.

Because I spend the time mastering the density, contrast, colour, and sharpness of my pictures in post-production, most of my results are indistinguishable from film. My guiding principle is that if an effect can’t be achieved in the darkroom, it’s best to avoid it on the computer! Garish effects may bring something to a lackluster picture but they also date quickly. A good picture does not need such embellishment. Consequently, my work retains a quality that will, I hope, stand the test of time.”

Contact Harry for a friendly chat about your event

“I believe it’s important to be familiar with your photographer’s approach as well as their portfolio. Your choice is a very personal one and identifying the style you’re after will ensure you’re happy with the results. I always take the lead from my client and aim to be as flexible with my services as I can. I air any concerns at the earliest opportunity if I feel there is a discrepancy between the services I provide and my client’s brief. By doing so, I have continued to live up to and exceed my clients’ expectations over the years. I grew up in Hampshire, Dorset & South Wales and often visit family & friends in all three. I live and work in Islington, north London.”

Harry Richards

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